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The Card Game

by Antonio Caldara 

In the summer of 1734, Caldara celebrated the Austrian Empress' birthday with a charming operatic gem Il giuoco del Quadriglio (The Card Game), for which the composer provided roles for the young archduchess and for his own wife Caterina.  

Featuring: Courtney Rhone, Eliza O’Malley, Daphne Touchais, and Katherine Gray 

Stage Director – Olivia Freidenreich


Dido & Aeneas

by Henry Purcell

Featuring: Sara Couden, Wayne Wong, Daphne Touchais, Katherine Gray, Don Hoffman, Eliza O’Malley, Ellen St. Thomas, & Reuben Zellman

Orchestra: Martha Stoddard & Susanne Rublein - Flutes; Michael Jones & Niko Umar Durr - Violins; Nansamba Ssensalo - Viola; Daniel Strickland - Violoncello; Ryan Danley – Banjo & Electric Bass Guitar

William G. Ludtke - Harpsichord 


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